Working with SBPM categories

I had an email from an SBPM user earlier this morning asking for a future enhancement:

With regards to SBPM, an especially nice feature would be the ability to globally assign a category to posts made from keywords. Right now, it is a pain to go in and add a category. Thanks.

Well, SBPM allows for this to happen already!

If you want all of your SBPM posts to be created in 1 category, simply rename the “uncategorized” category, that all WordPress blogs have, to what ever you want it to be called. You can then just put a list of the post names into the content area in the SBPM admin screen and they will be assigned to that default category automatically.

So, instead of adding your keywords like this:

mycategory/my post 1
mycategory/my post 2
mycategory/my post 3

Rename the “uncategorized” category to “mycategory” and list your keywords in the SBPM admin screen as follows:

my post 1
my post 3
my post 3

There is no need for you to add the category to the beginning of the post name, if you are only using 1 category.

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