Version 2.4 Released

Version 2.4 of SBPM has been released today (check your emails for a copy of the updated file).

The new version features the following updates:

Bug fix for missing AIOSEO data fields.

Bug fix for tags issue.

Add preview function.  This allows you to preview a small number of posts before you commit.

Fixes for /n tags in %%category%%.  Stops the %%category %% variable forcing a new line within your content.

Added %%sst2%% capability to pull top 500 items from database.  If you use the excellent SEO Searchterms Tagging 2 plugin on your sites, you can now extract the top 500 queries and automatically add them to the SBPM Keywords section.  To do this, put %%SST2%% or %%sst2%% into that field and press “Save SBPM Settings” and they will appear!  This is a great way to go back to your sites to add new posts via SBPM based on the keywords people used to find your site.

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