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Hi everyone!

It’s been a great day here at SBPM towers. Lots of copies have been sold and I have made 4 WordPress blogs using the plugin already and it is not even lunchtime! I wish all days were like this.

I was chatting to one of my customers earlier who told me that he thought SBPM was “the best wordpress bulk scheduler” he has ever used. He tried all those free plugins that make you use CSV files, Excel spreadsheets and fiddly TXT files to import to get it working.

SBPM is simply the easiest, most straight forward and non-technical way to make large amounts of posts to my sites!
I use another tool to scrape keywords from Amazon and eBay and bulk post them with generic spun content about the product category, add in links to other plugins and add some phpBay and phpZon shortcodes and I have a site ready to make me money in minutes!

You can also make sites as quick as him using SBPM. Just add your post titles, some spun content and off you go! Add Adsense, Amazon, Clickbank, Commission Junction or eBay links (to name but a few) and you are ready to make money as quickly as you can get indexed!

What are you waiting for? Take action NOW!

3 thoughts on “The best wordpress bulk post scheduler”

    1. No, not really. You can upload the images to a folder and then use spintax to refer to them so that it will pull them up manually.


      img src="/images/{image1|image2|image3|image4}.jpg"

      SBPM version 2 will be released soon that allows you to add your own custom variables per post, so the image title could be part of that I guess.

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