Current, Future And Beyond

I have been using SBPM to build thin WordPress sites based on the OneLung Thin Method for quite some time now and have found that one of the best ways to do this is to think “Now, Future And Beyond!”.

You might be thinking that I have turned into Buzz Lightyear overnight – but let me explain.

WordPress and blogging in general is all about regular updates. Even though you tinker with WordPress to remove the footprint, Google probably knows exactly what product you are using to make your site and might expect it to be updated more often than not. This method goes against the “set and forget” method taught at the OneLung membership site – so what is the best thing to do?

Using SBPM, I create my list of the top 30 category/keywords for my niche site and paste them in the box. I then add my spun content underneath and use either phpBay or phpZon to add links to affiliate deals. I save the settings, make the posts and my site immediately has the top 30 products or keywords that people are going to use to buy from my site.

But what about the other 200 or so keywords and products I found when I was doing my site research?

What I do with these is add them as future posts using SBPM.

  1. Go to the SBPM page on your site and delete the category/keywords you have in there at the moment. Don’t touch the spun content.
  2. Paste in your new 200 category/keywords.
  3. In the “Post Options” box, change the schedule from “0” to 72″.
  4. Save your SBPM settings.
  5. Make the posts!

So, what have we just done? Changing the “0” to “72” means that SBPM will schedule each of the 200 posts to be posted at a random interval – between 0 and 72 hours from the last post. This will let WordPress drip feed the posts onto the blog over time, making it look more natural and bringing more visitors too.

This kind of goes against the teachings of thin sites, but using SBPM, you can still “set and forget” and bring in more visitors, sales and $$ over a longer timeframe.

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