Automatically Adding YouTube Videos With SBPM

I recently created a website where I wanted to use SBPM to create the content, followed by some phpBay auctions but also add relevant videos from YouTube. Using video to generate customer interest and make the page more “sticky” is a well known way of keeping people on your website, increasing sales and adding great, relevant content to your websites.

I found the perfect WordPress Plugin for this, called Tubepress. Using one of the TubePress tags, and changing the settings accordingly, I was able to add this to my SBPM code:

[tubepress mode=”tag” tagValue=”%%keyword%%”]

I set TubePress to only show 1 main video for the tag and when the post was created, it changed the %%keyword%% variable to the post name, pulling a video from YouTube for the product I was advertising.

Of course, you could use CSS or HTML to make this video aligned to the left or right and flow with the text, but adding it in the middle of the spun content was the perfect position and certainly helps visitors to each of my pages know what they are buying.

This is just one of the ways SBPM can bring amazing dynamic content to your WordPress site.

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