Add bulk content to WordPress sites without the hassle of CSV files

With SBPM, you can quickly and easily create thousands of posts or pages, using spintax and keywords.

SBPM features

Use Spintax for content

SBPM allows you to create 3 content panels utilizing the power of Spintax to create unique and readable content for your posts and pages.

Create bulk posts

With SBPM you can create hundreds of thousands of posts with a single click, all unique and customised to focus on a specific target keyword.

Perfect for affiliate sites

SBPM is great for making thin affiliate sites that rank, make money and keep the visitors coming.

Works with any plugin

SBPM has been designed to let you create the posts and pages you want. Combine the power of your favorite plugins to build a great site.

Create or update existing posts

SBPM can create new posts or update existing ones with new or updated content. Great for giving your site a refresh quickly and easily.

Designed for WordPress 5 and above

SBPM has been designed to harness the power of the JSON API available in the latest versions of WordPress. SBPM is always tested with each new WordPress version.

Make posts or pages

SBPM allows you to create posts, pages (with hierarchy) and fully support custom post and page types.

Lifetime licence

The SBPM licence allows you to use the plugin on as many sites as you wish.

Post Scheduling

Create posts that are scheduled to be published in the future at random intervals or post-date your content - it's up to you.

WordPress tags

Assign tags to your posts which can be randomly assigned and can use Spintax formatted text too.

Add SEO META data

SBPM works with Yoast, All In One, Rank Math and SEO Framework plugins to add SEO friendly META data to each post, also using Spintax formatted text and content too.

Custom variables

Add SBPM custom variables within your content to make your posts and pages more specific.

Hi, My name is Tao and I am the author of the SBPM – Super Bulk Post Maker WordPress plugin.

I will show you how using SBPM will transform the way you write posts for WordPress and how it can help you create a feature and content-rich websites in seconds using amazingly simple tools.

Using a list of post names or keywords and categories, you can insert 100s or 1000s of posts into WordPress at the click of a button. Using spintax (spun text), you can create as much or as little unique content for your post as you like.

SBPM also detects and protects PHP and Javascript code in your spun text, so you can add even greater levels of uniqueness to your posts. Using plugins like phpBay, you can create a product sales site in seconds. SBPM will also work with other WordPress plugins that display images, video content, tweets or RSS data based on keywords.

Check out the manual for yourself and see how easy it is to make massive amounts of posts to your WordPress site in seconds.


As a bulk web designer and a person who builds over 50 websites a week I am always in the market for tools and plugins that will speed things up for me.

Many of these plugins have so many things involved with them that they take a PHD to understand to get them set up right. Then Tao gave me his latest and greatest plugin.

The SBPM is so easy even some of my non internet using customers were able to understand how to use it.

So my final word on the SBPM is it will save you time and if you are building thin sites will make the process very easy and quick for you.
Syndram designs
The SBPM plugin has saved me countless hours in building niche sites. It does so many things automatically in one shot that I used to do by hand that took a better part of a day, not counting article writing/spinning and keyword research. Now the site is ready to go in a couple minutes after the article and keyword research is done. So now I am able to eliminate the tedious tasks of building all the posts by hand and instead dedicate my time to researching niches and building more sites.I would have easily paid several times what is being charged for this plugin, considering the countless hours it has saved me.
Jim K
Niche site builder


Can I use SBPM on more than one site?

Yes, once you have purchased SBPM, you can use it on as many sites as you wish.

Can I add images and video to the content?

You can, but the process is not handled automatically – see my blog post on using images with SBPM for more information.

Does SBPM work with my theme?

SBPM has been designed to work independently from any specific theme.  Think of SBPM as just adding content directly into WordPress – it does not know about any theme specifics.  However, if your theme supports ShortCodes then feel free to add them into your spun content.

Does SBPM work with XXXXX plugin?

SBPM will work happily alongside any other WordPress plugin.  If you want to use ShortCodes from other plugins in your SBPM content, this works well too – see my blog post on adding Amazon links using EasyAzon for an example.

Do I need a 3rd party spinner to use SBPM?

I use The Best Spinner when creating content for SBPM, but you don’t have to use any third party services.  As long as you stick to the standard spintax format {like this|such as this} you can create your own content manually.

Does SBPM work with the latest version of WordPress?

Yes – as soon as a new version of WordPress is released, I perform tests with SBPM to make sure it still works as designed.

Will SBPM be updated?

SBPM has been updated numerous times since it was released and I am always adding new functions and features.  All future updates are free.