Post SEO

By default, SBPM will add META tag information to each of your posts that works with the excellent All In One SEO Plugin (AIOSEO) and the Yoast SEO plugin.

The SEO title will be the same as the blog post title, the description will be the first 160 characters of the content (or to the end of the first sentence, which ever comes first) and the tags will be taken from the post tags field.

If you want to override these settings, use the fields to override any or all of these settings.

You can spin text in these fields and also use the %%keyword%%, %%category%% and %%sitename%% variables plus any custom variables you can created.

The Double Spin SEO Description option forces SBPM to respin the content area when making the SEO Description.

If you enable this option, the SEO Description field will be disabled.

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