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Copy and paste your spin text in this field.

You can use the normal “spintax” of {word1|word2|word3}.

SBPM also allows for multiple levels of text spinning to take place.

eg: {word1|{word2a|word2b}}.

Use %%keyword%% to show the keyword you are writing for, %%category%% to show the category and %%sitename%% to show your blog name. You can also enter any HTML, PHP (if you have a exec-PHP type plugin installed) and WordPress short-tags too.

From SBPM version 2.8 onwards, you can put content into 3 different tabs.  When making a post, SBPM checks to see if content is present in those tabs and if so, it selects one of them randomly for the content.  This will allow you to create additional variations of your content, placing images in different locations or using totally different spun text.

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