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Working with SBPM categories

I had an email from an SBPM user earlier this morning asking for a future enhancement: With regards to SBPM, an especially nice feature would be the ability to globally assign a category to posts made from keywords. Right now, it is a pain to go in and add a category. Thanks. Well, SBPM allows […]

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Add Dynamic RSS Feeds with SBPM

Have you ever wanted to add some great dynamic links to top news stories, recent blog posts from relevant sites or twitter RSS data to your posts? With SPBM, this become very easy! You will need to have a plugin such as the brilliant Exec-PHP installed to get this working, but you can enter the […]

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Using SBPM with phpBay

I love using the eBayPartnerNetwork eBay affiliate scheme to make money with WordPress. There is no better way to help do this, than with the excellent phpBay plugin by Wade. SBPM works brilliantly with this plugin and allows you to create quick, targetted, money making websites with ease. Just take a selection of categories and […]

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Automatically Adding YouTube Videos With SBPM

I recently created a website where I wanted to use SBPM to create the content, followed by some phpBay auctions but also add relevant videos from YouTube. Using video to generate customer interest and make the page more “sticky” is a well known way of keeping people on your website, increasing sales and adding great, […]

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