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How To Build A Local SEO Site With SBPM

Although SBPM was originally designed to create websites that made money from displaying eBay or Amazon affiliate links underneath or in the middle of a block of spun content, it can be used to build different types of websites. I know that a few users of SBPM have been using it to create sites that are […]

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Using Images With SBPM

One of the many questions I get asked about using SBPM with WordPress is how it can be used to create random images within the content of your posts and pages.You might want to do this to add some visual disruption to your posts, to help separate one area from another, or to highlight a […]

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Using AmaSuite With SBPM

Unless you have been living under a rock with no access to your email, or are busy “prepping” whilst “off grid”, you might have noticed that Amasuite version 4 has been launched by Chris Guthrie and Dave Guindon.Amasuite is a collection of tools that allow you to grab Amazon product data which can be used […]

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How To Make 100k WordPress Posts

When I first designed SBPM, I was building “thin” affiliate sites that were designed to bur brightly for a few months, before being tossed into the Google de-indexed black hole. This worked wonderfully (and still does) and it was soon discovered that having more posts on your sites was a better thing.Therefore, the task was […]

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Version 2.8 Release Notes

Hi everyone and happy 2015 – hope things are going well for you in your life and businesses so far this year. Version 2.8 of SBPM has been launched and you should have received a copy via email in the last 24 hours.  You can replace the existing sbpm.php file in your sbpm plugin folder […]

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SBPM Compatibility With WordPress 3.6

You should have been made aware that WordPress 3.6 has been released now, codenamed “Oscar”. I have tested SBPM with this version of WordPress and can confirm that there are no compatibility issues. So, what’s new on the horizon for SBPM, I hear you cry! Here are a few of the elements I have been […]

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Version 2.4 Released

Version 2.4 of SBPM has been released today (check your emails for a copy of the updated file). The new version features the following updates: Bug fix for missing AIOSEO data fields. Bug fix for tags issue. Add preview function.  This allows you to preview a small number of posts before you commit. Fixes for […]

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SBPM v2 Launch!

SBPM Version 2 has been launched with the following new features: You can now include your own custom variables in your titles – eg: category/postname(var1=value,var2=value) and then use %%var1%% and %%var2%% in your content. An enhanced date scheduler that allows you to set the posting dates and times with more control. More SEO fields and […]

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Current, Future And Beyond

I have been using SBPM to build thin WordPress sites based on the OneLung Thin Method for quite some time now and have found that one of the best ways to do this is to think “Now, Future And Beyond!”. You might be thinking that I have turned into Buzz Lightyear overnight – but let […]

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The best wordpress bulk post scheduler

Hi everyone! It’s been a great day here at SBPM towers. Lots of copies have been sold and I have made 4 WordPress blogs using the plugin already and it is not even lunchtime! I wish all days were like this. I was chatting to one of my customers earlier who told me that he […]

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