SBPM Compatibility With WordPress 3.6

You should have been made aware that WordPress 3.6 has been released now, codenamed “Oscar”.

I have tested SBPM with this version of WordPress and can confirm that there are no compatibility issues.

So, what’s new on the horizon for SBPM, I hear you cry!

Here are a few of the elements I have been working on over the last few weeks:

  1. Adding support for SBPM to capture the WordPress search queries.  This is so that when a visitor comes to your site, cannot find what they are looking for and uses the standard search box, SBPM will grab those search words and make a brand new post based on them.  This idea will replace the need for unsupported plugins such as Search2Post, which now appears to be totally unsupported by the developer (although it is still on sale…).  I may add this additional function as a separate plugin/addon for SBPM – not decided yet.
  2. Add “use post tags as AIOSEOP SEO keywords” option.  It just struck me that this was a sensible idea.
  3. Multiple content areas.  I have toyed with the thought that using SBPM can create a “footprint” for sites, unless you are prepared to spend a long time spinning the content.  Therefore, by adding an additional number of content boxes to the plugin, you could have very different posts created (randomly).  This is just an idea though.  I wanted to keep SBPM quite simple in it’s operation so I don’t want to overload and “feature bloat” it too much.

If you have any ideas for SBPM, please use the comment form below or use the contact me page to let me know.

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